Outside Bars & Catering
Can I Get You A Drink?
I presume you’d like a drink at your party? Then why not let us serve you? We are licensees and we offer the finest cask ales in the land. We also put on bar services offering chilled keg selections, wines, spirits, and anything else you might require.

The normal bar options are:

1. A free bar, where guests drink free and the host picks-up the tab at the end;

2. A welcoming drink for everybody on the host followed by a pay-bar service;

3. A free bar up to a pre-agreed limit, followed by a pay bar;

4. A straight pay bar

We offer our host a generous discount when running a complimentary bar for his or her guests. The following bar prices show 2 prices, the complimantary bar price to the host 1st followed by the pay bar price:
Cask Ales, by the pint £2.50 & £2.80
or buy a whole cask, 72 pints, at £2.30 a pint
Chilled Keg products through cooler £2.70 & £3.00
125mm red or white wine £1.80 & £2.30
Sparkling wines by the glass £2.00 & £2.50
Spirits, 25mm measures £1.50 & £2.00
Miscellaneous prices shown at the bar on the day
Please email john@thehogroastservice.co.uk for bulk prices on wines etc.
Our efforts in cellar-work were recognised in the CAMRA Good Beer Guides 2008/9 & 10. We developed and sold our gastro pub, and CAMRA don’t have a category for outside caterers, so it seems our recognition won’t continue beyond 2010. Still our dedication to presenting the best ales in their prime condition is your assurance if you’re looking for great beer at your event.
This is the CAMRA Good Beer Guide: the bible of the Campaign For Real Ale. This is the guide written by beer lovers for beer lovers. It is the guide the industry recognises.
Loving ales as we do, it didn’t take long for us to find what we consider the very best brewery in the land, or on the planet, and to hone in on their greatest brew.

The Great Oakley Beers have a distinctive character and, taste-wise, as one of our pub regulars always said, 'the Great Oakley Beers all punch above their weight.' They are brewed in Northants by Phil & Hazel Greenway, with the able assistance of their right-hand man, Guy. See a young bloke trekking with an 11 gallon cask under each arm, and that will be Guy, and I am assured that it is drinking Great Oakley ales that gives him the strength.

Why not choose Warrington Wobbler for your event; you will glory in the most beautiful ale ever brewed anywhere in the world: we challenge you to disagree.
Beer Festivals
Our beer festivals have always been great occasions, and attracted some of the most discerning lovers of real living ales. We continue to stage festivals on location and are delighted to put these on as a service to clubs, pubs, or for events. If you wish us to organise, and or run your festival we’ll do as much or as little as you want us to. Typically we advise on the amount of beer it is prudent to carry, and put together a schedule of exciting ales that will delight the most critical festival attendee, co-ordinate the collection, deliver them to your premises, set them up, tap, vent and condition them, then clear away the empties... We are of course delighted to serve them for you too, should you require us to.

We do not use the monopolising brewing conglomerates that have been ruining pubs and the culture of beer appreciation in the UK. If we organise your festival the ales will be from those dedicated small brewers who work with the devotion of monks to bring you a beverage fit for gods.

You might have guessed from my prose that I like a pint...



Sadly just as many village pubs are closing down to be redeveloped for infill housing, Indian restaurants or a village mosque so too are outside bars under threat. Their demise stems from the same social challenges:

Licensing law requires a licensee to apply for a Temporary Events Notice to run a bar off licenced premises or outside of normal hours. The Licensee has to pay for this and in exchange is given a legal responsibility for the event. The trend for people to smuggle in large quantities of supermarket booze takes away any level of control the licensee might have had. It has eroded the commercial viability of many events bars and we no longer feel inclined to take responsibility for matters outside our control.

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