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The Hog Roast Service's Catering Facilities

We use 4.5m x 3m Marquees Which Can Be Erected In Any Combination

9m x 4.5m Combination

23.5m x 3m Combination
Serving Facilities Supplied With Our Catering...
We supply a 4.5m x 3m marquee without charge assuring that, whatever the weather, the food service will be protected. At Shows and larger events, we provide a covered facility appropriate to the occasion.

We offer hog roasts & barbecues as required, a barbecue accompaniment being popular for children's provision & vegetarian options.

We are based in Rutland and will work from London to York.


Informal eating is fun, it’s primal and sweeps away social inhibition: pick up a drumstick, gnaw at a rib or suck on a crab claw; this decadently informal eating is a subliminal bond for friends and lovers. If this sounds good, if you're up for informal dining, what could be more primal than the hog roast?

Throughout history carcasses sizzling, dripping, crisping over an open fire, have been at the heart of celebration. Today we offer this service at its best providing:
  • a most amenable and proficient team to serve our customers;
  • the finest meats available, roasted to perfection;
  • total peace of mind through our professionalism and dependability;
  • sensible pricing.

    We have a long history in catering for christenings, weddings, significant birthdays and corporate events. Whatever your event, whatever number of covers you require, whatever your budget, trust us to deliver the catering for your big occasion.


  • Sizzling, dripping, crisping over an open fire...

    Why Always Chickens? Let Us Roast Spits Of Local Meats or Game For You
    We have bred pigs for many years, farming them for our restaurant and then for our hog roasts farming traditional breeds and early hybrids: Berkshires, Large Blacks, Old Spots, and Tamworths.

    Beer Fed Pigs
    Their diet made our pigs special: they loved their beer and were given 32 pints a week from the cleaning of beer lines. They also emptied our drip trays, and demanded the ullage from every cask, and they revelled in it.

    Generosity Cured The Hog
    A restaurant owned pig is like the butcher’s dog, but our pigs have always been bred too well. The three gilts pictured being served their beer had just been brought in from natural foraging in woodland for fattening.

    Pigs foraging naturally in open woodland: taste the difference...

    Jenny feeds some of our gilts a pale of fine ale...

    Our hog roasts became so popular that we eventually sold our restaurant to devote ourselves to our Hog Roast Service.

    Of course we offer more than just hogs; why not try wild boar, venison or a rotisserie of chickens or game birds.

    Venison & Wild Boar
    We believe we ran the foremost game restaurant in Britain. A flavour of our kitchen can be sampled by clicking our 'Catering History'.

    WILD BOAR is a leaner meat than farmed pork, especially pub-farmed pork. As our native pig species it has a natural pork taste that is best described as being the way pork ought to taste.

    In season we can provide genuine wild game boar from feral British animals and those from the forests of Europe; out of the game season we offer a farmed version.

    WILD VENISON is a healthy natural meat with less fat than skinned chicken breast, and it is very low in cholesterol. It is an incredibly rich source of iron and omega 3 and a free range animal, that has foraged for natural food will be free from the drugs, antibiotics and growth promoters.

    The taste of venison varies according to the breed and how long the meat has been hung, but it needs to be served rare.

    RED DEER has a dark and fairly heavily grained meat and has the most robust flavour of our native deer.

    FALLOW DEER has a good depth of flavour but a finer grained meat than the red. Both of these meats can be compared to prime beef.

    ROE DEER is lighter in colour and a sweeter meat.

    MUNTJAC is the most pale and delicate of our familiar venison meats.

    Don't mistake our wild game with supermarket venison, which will have been farmed, probably in New Zealand. The organic drug free assurances of native free-range meat cannot be assumed in in the farmed proiduct. Imported venison is also likely to have been in cold storage for months.

    Whilst some people might be sensitive about tucking into Bambi it needs to be understood that the liberty our native deer enjoy would not exist without responsible herd management. There has to be control and it would be criminal to cull these animals and not respect their rightful place in the food chain.

    If you are an animal lover your best action is to eat venison with a clear conscience, whilst driving responsibly in areas where deer are likely to bound out in front of your car.

    John is pictured checking fallow deer carcass on the game dealer's scales.

    Fallow Deer Are Ideal For The Spit Roaster

    The Venison Persuasion...
    You don’t have to venture beneath Sherwood’s merry canopy, in green tights, to enjoy a good spit roasting: venison or boar, and a whole lot more, can all be delivered to your door.


    ALL INCLUSIVE PRICES cover the delivery of the hog roast oven locally with the meat and gas, install beneath our food service marquee, cooked, carved and served including buns, stuffing, crackling, apple sauce, disposable plates and serviettes. Additional covers can be costed individually, up to 9. 10 and above additions moves to the higher rate. Costings as follows:

    Up to 50 covers £495, additional covers @£7.60
    Up to 75 covers £595, additional covers @£6.80
    Up to 100 covers £695, additional covers @£6.10
    Up to 125 covers £745, additional covers @£5.40
    Up to 150 covers £795, additional covers @£4.90
    Up to 175 covers £845, additional covers @£4.60
    Up to 200 covers £895, additional covers @£4.50

    We offer generous discounts to hotels, schools, pubs and clubs.

    Delivery is inclusive within 15 miles. We charge a token £1 per mile, one way, for greater distances.

    TERMS: We ask for a £100 booking fee when scheduling our services. This is returnable only if cancellation is 8 weeks or more prior to the date of the event. For the balance we ask for cleared funds to be in place by cheque or BACS 10 days prior to the event.

    We offer a salad bar where required at an additional £3.25 per head.

    BARBECUE SERVICE: A selection of meats and vegetarian options, as agreed with the client, served with buns, and all sauces and disposables @ £10.95 per head.

    As these options do not employ a solitary spit-roasted animal, numbers are not critical and we can be very flexible with selections and serving times.

    SELF SERVICE: take £100 off our full service charge but the hirer supplies there own buns, stuffing, sauces, plates etc.

    For prices and availability of Venison or Wild Boar roasts, etc please email John at . Remember that wild game is subject to seasonal availability.

    If you wish to self serve we will deliver the hog roast oven with the carcass fixed and partially cooked ready for you to complete and carve.

    Professional barbecue as provided at events.

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    Naturally Delicious, Succulent, Crisping, Blistering: Meat As It Ought To Be...
    The English preference is to see the roast as a large joint of meat, where many, particularly across the Atlantic, prefer a bit more theatre in the presentation of their hog.

    Ready to Carve...

    A More Dramatic Presentation

    Half Pig, for smaller parties wanting the whole hog effect

    Joints on Spit: boned and rolled legs or shoulders of pork

    Mixed Meat Rotisserie.

    Venison At Market
    Though The Hog Roast Service sources its carcasses from registered game dealers John has always been a sucker for an auction. He regularly brings home a carcass or two to put on vension roasts for friends and family.

    John Examines A Fallow Deer Carcass

    Muntjac Carcasses and a Fallow Deer

    Roe Deer Prepped for Roasting
    Wild Boar Are Back In Great Britain
    Wild Boar were hunted to extinction in Great Britain centuries ago, but there has been localised reintroduction and escapes from captivity have reestablished a wild population. Wild Boar are now also farmed in England.

    Wild Boar arrive at Hog Roast Service HQ from local shoots.

    The skin of wild boar cooks black and is unlike the crackling on domestic hogs which results from on the animal’s natural fat.

    The farming of Wild Boar makes this delicious and healthy meat available to us with some dependability.

    Wild Boar Piglets,


    We are Based In Rutland but welcome enquiries from all over the UK
    Treat Your Guests To A Touch Of Class
    We've all seen it, the barbecue where somebody is cooking up burgers on a metal foot-scrapper in half an oil drum, where charcoal is flaring with dripping fat, coating the food in a sickly oily soot. If you're a celebrity in the jungle, and being paid handsomely to experience inconvenience for TV, this approach might be seen as luxury. If you're back in the UK and treating guests, make sure they feel treated: use the Hog Roast Service.
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